Independent Contractor Certification

Why CertifiedSE?

CertifiedSE addresses one dimension of a problem vexing client companies contemplating doing business with an independent contractor: is the individual legitimately self-employed? It does so by certifying independent entrepreneurs who genuinely want to be self-employed and have taken affirmative steps to establish an independent enterprise.

Government agencies at the federal, state, and even local level, and plaintiff attorneys, are increasingly scrutinizing relationships between independent entrepreneurs and their clients. Often a client does not know whether an individual has taken any affirmative steps to establish an independent business until after an investigation has commenced or a lawsuit is filed; but then it is too late.

To create a more efficient marketplace for independent entrepreneurs, legitimate entrepreneurs need a means to distinguish themselves from others who have no intention of establishing a business and are seeking employment, but will accept an independent-contractor opportunity in order to pay their bills.  Those individuals disrupt the marketplace for legitimate independent contractors. They do this by exposing their client companies to a heightened regulatory risk of worker misclassification, which can cause those client companies ultimately to cease doing business with independent contractors altogether – in order to avoid this risk.

CertifiedSE addresses this problem by providing legitimate independent contractors an objective, third-party, means to demonstrate to potential clients that they genuinely want to be self-employed and have taken affirmative steps to establish an independent enterprise! Likewise, CertifiedSE provides client companies with access to our database of CertifiedSEs.

CertifiedSE provides self-employed individuals with an opportunity to memorialize their true intentions with respect to their choice of self-employment, and to document the steps they have taken to establish their independent business. Only individuals who have taken these steps are eligible for certification. The CertifiedSE designation carries no legal significance. It is not intended to convey any assurance that such an individual would be determined to be an independent contractor for purposes of any law.  This is because worker-status determinations take into account multiple factors, and they can vary in each client engagement. CertifiedSE offers independent entrepreneurs an opportunity to document certain factual matters that can be relevant to a worker-status determination.

Demonstrate your self-employment credentials and make yourself more attractive to potential clients by becoming a CertifiedSE today!

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Whether you are a company doing business with self-employed entrepreneurs, or a self-employed entrepreneur, CertifiedSE can help your business become more successful.