What does it mean to be a CertifiedSE?

By becoming a CertifiedSE you join an exclusive network of independent entrepreneurs. Your certification allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition by affirmatively demonstrating that you genuinely want to be self-employed and have taken steps to establish your independent business. Your certification can also help you demonstrate to the IRS that you are engaged in a qualified trade or business that is eligible for the new Code section 199A deduction for pass-through entities. For many independent contractors, their section 199A deduction will be an amount equal to 20 percent of the individual’s earnings from independent-contractor activities. (Consult a tax professional to determine your eligibility.)

Included in the cost of your certification is access to the CertifiedSE community, which grants you access to the members-only forum to connect with others who share your entrepreneurial enthusiasm and discuss business ideas or seek assistance. Browse the list of vendors that can assist you in strengthening your independent-contractor status and taking your business to new heights.

Another benefit of belonging to the CertifiedSE community is that your business profile will be accessible to client companies that are seeking to do business with CertifiedSEs.

The CertifiedSE community is unlike any other. Join us today!

How much does it cost to be certified?

Certification and membership to the CertifiedSE community costs only $10.99 per year. At this low price, there is no reason to delay beginning the certification process!

Why does the certification fee annually renew?

The certification fee annually renews because CertifiedSEs annually update their profiles to keep it current and reflective of any changes in their business. Of course, CertifiedSEs may also update their profiles throughout the year. For your convenience, certifications are set to automatically renew.

In order for entrepreneurs and their clients to derive the benefits from the CertifiedSE certification, it must be based on updated information.

What does a certificate demonstrate?

A certificate from CertifiedSE demonstrates to the world that you genuinely want to be self-employed and have taken steps to establish your independent business.

CertifiedSE status is not intended to convey any assurance that an individual will be determined to be an independent contractor for purposes of any applicable law. Such a legal determination will turn on many factors, which can vary with each client engagement.

How can certification be helpful to a potential client company?

CertifiedSE certification is intended to assist client companies in differentiating between those individuals who genuinely want to be self-employed, and have taken steps to establish their independent business, from those who do not intend to establish a business, and are seeking employment, but will accept an independent-contractor opportunity to pay the bills. Individuals in this latter group expose client companies to a heightened risk of worker-misclassification. The problem is that client companies have no meaningful way – at the outset of an engagement – to differentiate between these two groups of individuals. Client companies commonly first learn this critically important information too late: at the time of an administrative hearing or during discovery in a lawsuit.  CertifiedSE is designed to provide client companies with access to this information at the outset, when the initial decision is made whether to engage an individual as an independent contractor.

To request an independent contractor's responses to the CertifiedSE self-employment attestation and questionnaire, CLICK HERE.

What happens if I cannot satisfy the certification criteria?

We understand that not all entrepreneurs have taken sufficient steps to satisfy the CertifiedSE criteria when they apply. But that is not a problem!

By joining the CertifiedSE community, you will gain access to specific ideas on how you can earn the certification. The Resources page also includes a list of vendors who can assist you in implementing these ideas.