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Self-Employment Certification

Make the most of your self-employment! Become a CertifiedSE! For only $10.99 per year you can distinguish yourself from the competition, and demonstrate to current and potential clients that you genuinely want to be self-employed and have taken steps to establish your independent business.

You are not just acquiring a certification through CertifiedSE, you are also gaining membership in an exclusive community of self-employed entrepreneurs.

***A certification can also help you demonstrate to the IRS that you are engaged in a qualified trade or business that is eligible for a new tax deduction - of up to 20% - for independent contractors.***

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Want to do business with individuals who genuinely want to be self-employed and have taken steps to establish their own business? Look no further than our directory of CertifiedSEs. Search by location, industry or even by name!

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The CertifiedSE Community

Becoming a CertifiedSE is more than acquiring a certification. You also acquire membership in an exclusive community of self-employed entrepreneurs.  Connect with like-minded and similarly driven entrepreneurs and share ideas in the members-only forum. Browse vendors who can assist you in further solidifying your self-employed status, and in taking your business to the next level.

As a member of the CertifiedSE community, you will gain access to resources and insights that can help you achieve your business's full potential.

Let CertifiedSE be your partner for success!

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Why wait any longer? Self-employed entrepreneurs are the backbone of the American economy. Take a step towards making the most of your self-employment by becoming a CertifiedSE!